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Oreo Cheesecake – no bake

cheesecake oreo senza cottura

        Oreo Cheesecake – no bake INGREDIENTS for the crust: 23 cookies 60g of butter for the filling: 14 cookies 330d of white chocolate 270g di cream cheese 2 spoons of icing sugar for the topping: chopped cookies dark chocolate or nutella or other topping METHOD Mix … Continue reading

No Bake Chocolate Biscuit Cake

torta al cioccolato di biscotti senza cottura

No Bake Chocolate Biscuit Cake is a very simple and tasty recipe. Here you can find the ingredients and a complete video-recipe           INGREDIENTS     o 760g of digestive biscuits (tipo digestive)     o 90g of walnuts and hazelnuts     o 180g of … Continue reading

Nutella Waffle Cake

torta waffel copertina

The recipe of the Nutella Waffle Cake.             Torta Tavoletta INGREDIENTS     -240g of cake flour     -60g of unsweetened cocoa     -240g of sugar     -2 eggs     -130g of butter     -160ml of water     -50g … Continue reading

Little Brioche With Nutella

brioscine alla nutella copertina video

    Little Nutella Brioche     INGREDIENTS – 250g of flour – 30g of sugar – 190g of butter – 3 eggs – 3g of salt – 12g of brewer’s yeast           METHOD   1. Dilutes the yeast in warm water.   2. Merge 60g … Continue reading

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